Banking, financial and capital market taxation

The Firm provides consultancy services to banks and financial institutions, as well as to investment funds, as regards both their domestic and international operations, and offers complete support for all the tax, accounting and corporate aspects of contracts in the financial markets.

The Firm assists its clientele with structuring complex financial operations, from drafting to negotiating articulated agreements for a broad range of transactions on the capital market.

The skill and experience matured make it possible to support and advise both the issuers and subscribers of financial instruments during all the planning and structuring stages of the operations for raising capital and investments, with a 360ยบ vision.

The analysis of the tax treatment of structured financial products, offers of debt and capital instruments by national and foreign issuers, as well as assistance to banking, insurance and financial enterprises in their relations with the public institutions responsible for regulating and controlling financial markets, are all aspects meticulously handled with constant commitment by a team of dedicated professionals.





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