International taxation

The Firm's deep-rooted experience in taxation in countries both inside and outside the EU, conventions on double taxation and international treaties makes it possible to assist and advise clients on every area of international taxation, from mergers to cross-border takeovers, joint ventures and the management of transnational financial flows.

The Firm also offers complete support as regards transfer pricing and cost-sharing agreements and for all aspects of planning and structuring foreign investments.

Queries relating to taxation and also of an accounting and corporate nature in multinational groups are solved by a highly qualified team of professionals who combine their profound knowledge of international legal and fiscal matters with many years of effective experience in the field.

The Firm has also been availing for years of the collaboration of countless highly reliable local correspondents:its its consolidated relationship with foreign professionals, selected from among the best in each country, guarantees a complete range of services for clients with an international vocation.




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